4Kg Kit 1:1 ART R US Epoxy Resin

ART R US Epoxy Resin 4kg kit

4Kg Kit 1:1 ART R US Epoxy Resin

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Original price was: $212.00.Current price is: $180.20. No GST

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1:1 Coating and Casting Epoxy Resin – ART R US

Ultra clear epoxy resin is designed for coating wood table tops, bar tops, countertops, floors, and artwork This also can be used for casting crystal clear coasters and trays, jewellery, crafts, resin art, and models. can cast up to 3cm | Self-levelling | UV Resistant | Virtually Odorless | FDA Compliant | Crystal Clear | Easy 1:1 Mix Ratio 50:50 mixing by Weight


  • Self-Levelling
  • UV Resistant
  • High Gloss
  • Excellent Air Release
  • Excellent Color Stability
  • Improved Surface Appearance
  • Water Resistant Coating
  • Blush Resistant
  • Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish Eyes
  • Improved Impact Strength

Coverage is approximately 300 ml per square meter per coat in winter and up to 1L per square meter in summer.
Mixing Ration: A: B = 1:1 Operation time 60 minutes 
Curing time: 6-8 hours At room temperature 24-30c in cold weather it will take longer to cure 24 hours to fully cure 


1.    Determine how much epoxy resin you’ll need
2.    Accurately measure both resin and hardener
3.    Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom as you stir (mix longer for larger quantities) (Start pouring or applying the epoxy immediately, the larger the quantity of mixed material in the cup the faster the Pot-life and working time)
4. you can colour your Epoxy resin by Adding ( mica powder, glow-in-the-dark, Neon powder, Chameleon powder, Dye, Alcohol ink, and Acrylic paint)
Be aware that warming your epoxy resin shortens the working time by approximately 10 minutes.
Wait 3 days for a full cure and 30 days for a full hard cure.  


Don’t add more hardener to the mixture thinking this will increase cure time – it won’t. It will simply throw off the delicate 1:1 mixing ratio, causing your resin to not cure at all and remain sticky indefinitely.

Don’t replace the hardener with another brand of hardener that advertises a quicker cure time.

Don’t add any extra agents to the mixture to promote a quicker cure.

  • Mica Powder Ratio in Epoxy resin

you can add mica powder or any other pigment between 2% to 10% max   Why is my epoxy not hardening?

There are numerous reasons why resin can be cured improperly. If you found this page you were probably thinking… Why is my resin flexible? How long does resin take to dry? This article will help explain the main culprits for a tacky or improperly cured epoxy resin pour! 

Mix Ratio

Each system is a two-part epoxy meaning Parts A & B are mixed to start a chemical reaction binding the two parts together. During this process, heat is released which is called an exothermic reaction. It is essential to get the parts measured and mixed properly so the two components can shake hands and begin binding. If the ratio is off more than 10% the reaction can simply stall out or never even begin.


The pigment can certainly enhance and add incredible artistic expression to your pours, however, adding too much pigment into the mix can disrupt the chemical reaction. You never want to exceed 10% pigment to the overall volume of the epoxy you are colouring. 

Epoxy Cure Time

The cure time is very different from the working time, de-mould time or recoat time. It’s important to consider ambient air temperature as it can play a significant role in how long your epoxy resin takes to reach its full mechanical and physical properties.   All ART r US Epoxy Resin Systems are designed to cure at room temperature. After the chemical reaction has finished you can expect your project to reach its full cure in 3 days. That time can decrease if the environment is warmer and drastically increase if it’s colder.

Unmixed Resin

Play it safe NEVER use the last drops from your mix cup!  When calculating the amount of resin needed for a project, factor in 5% waste, this will be the epoxy resin stuck to the sides of the mixing cup, the mixing stick, etc.  Epoxy resin by nature is inherently sticky and when you pour Part A in, what is touching the sidewalls of your mix container is pure Part A when you add Part B, it’s pure Part B touching that part. When you begin mixing, the material touching the sidewalls is not likely getting the same blending action as the material in the centre of the cup, it’s critical to scrape the sidewalls and bottom of your mixing container to ensure you get as much material as possible into solution. You can go a step further and pour your mixed solution into another clean mixing cup and stir a bit longer, that will significantly reduce the odds of any unmixed Part A or Part B being in your final solution. 

Low Ambient Air Temperature

In an ideal world, every workspace would sit at 25c however in a real-world application that isn’t always the case. The cooler the air temperature, the longer the work time and cure time will become. At a certain point, the chemical reaction will stall out or never generate enough heat to catalyze.

Improper Mixing

Improper mixing or stirring is likely the leading cause of tacky or soft cure. When mixing you want to scrape the sides of the container as well as the bottom. Some people will then pour the mixture into a new container and continue mixing to ensure a consistent mix. The bottom line, a thorough mix will ensure the best results so when you think it is completely mixed, mix just a bit longer!

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 24 × 21 × 17 cm

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